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Contact IRC: #dolphin-emu on freenode
Description Dolphin is an advanced Wii and GameCube emulator
Members Flacs, Link Mauve, Makoto, Neobrain, Spycrab0, Wasa
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Visit us to learn how Dolphin works under-the-hood or play some games with us!

Dolphin is an open-source cross-platform Wii and GameCube emulator with many cool features:

  • support for real Wii remotes
  • unlimited resolution rendering
  • save states
  • networked multiplayer
  • HD texture packs
  • support for WiiWare and Virtual Console games
  • cheat codes
  • video/audio recording
  • tool-assisted speedruns
  • JIT support for x86-64 and AArch64
  • fully featured CPU debugger
  • GPU capture, replay, and frame analysis

Thanks to the devkitPro SDK you can write your own games, debug them in Dolphin, then run them on real hardware!

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