Please add yourself here if you can offer a shared ride (or e.g. a groupticket for train etc), or if you looking for some ride. Dont forget to leave a contact and/or maybe subcribe this wikipage to see if someone else adding a fitting offer or request.


  • from Minden: "Niedersachsen-Ticket", EUR 18.00 + EUR 4.00/traveler (max 5, 3 available), powered by train late in the afternoon on 27.12.2013. We are changing trains in Nienburg, Verden and Rotenburg. --Newspeak
  • (Daily) from Kiel by Train (Schleswig-Holstein-Ticket) via Flintbek, Bordesholm, Neumünster, Wrist, Elmshorn to Hamburg Dammtor (and maybe back to Kiel); Space for 3 persons left - pls PM me: stuffedkitty(at) -- Mitschie
  • SH-Ticket again but from Klanxbüll via Niebüll…Husum…Heide… Elmshorn with NOB81731 26.12.2013 18:44 -> 21:33 (RE 21035) HH Dammtor pls PM me: 30c3{ ät } -- Tuxcodejohn
  • from hannover: free seats in vw multivan. 10,00 per person from your house (in hannover) to cch (Rerry)
  • from Reims (france) by car (Hanniju) - 35€/p (possible to adjust depending on number of passangers) - Departure at 8am - Transit via / Koln (~12am) & /Münster (~2pm) - More details :
  • from leipzig: free seats in Suzuki Swift 10,00 per person from Leipzig Hauptbahnhof to cch 26.12.2013 (Myghty)
  • From Oslo, Norway: The conference is about an hour by train from Kiel. However, the Kiel ferry charges per two-person cabin, so if anyone is travelling the same path, please ping me (On IRC, for instance.) Toresbe (talk) 09:29, 19 December 2013 (CET)
  • from Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof on 26. ~900 in an Mercedes A-Class. One seat left. 25€ ping me on twitter: @faheus Faheus
  • from Berlin through Schwerin on 26.12. at 15:25: 2 seats by train on a shared Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket for 15–17 € p. p. (Malteser)
  • from Ingolstadt main station on 26.12. around 10 p.m. (TBA) one seat in car (small car, no big luggage accepted). Will drive back on 31.12. around 8 a.m. - 25 € one way. - contact me: Sege
  • from Velbert I can pick u up from either Wuppertal or Essen/Bochum on 26.12. at around 14:00. Opel Combo, smokers car, up to 3ppl. zeroonesevensix fourninezeronineeightonenineone nulleinssiebensechs vierneunnullneunachteinsneuneins
  • From the middle of Eiderstedt via Tönning, passing Heide and Itzehoe etc. on the evening of 26th by car (VW Passat). <=10€, contact @larsan or Larsan
  • from Osnabrück using „Niedersachsen-Ticket“ 26.12. around midday/afternoon. (Please note that Osnabrück is still included in the NRW „Semesterticket“) Price depends on the number of people. 13€ per traveller if someone joins me, if more than one joins me it's even less. Ping me on Twitter @NoMoKeTo --NoMoKeTo (talk) 19:45, 25 December 2013 (CET)


  • from Hamburg to Hamm (Westf.) on 30.12. after Security Nightmares, 2 seats in a station wagon. GSM 2224
  • from Hamburg to Bochum, then to Wuppertal on 30.12. after Closing Event, 3 seats free in VW bus til Bochum, then a Saab 95 to Wuppertal Albert [1]
  • from Hamburg to Karlsruhe on 30.12., VW Golf 4, 2 (perhaps 3 if small) persons. Departure 3 p.m. Jlu, DECT 2551
  • from Hamburg to Würzburg on 30.12., Opel Corsa, 1 free seat, Departure 20 p.m. Mobile: zero one five one one five five one four three four seven
  • from HH Dammtor towards Rostock and Stralsund, by train (S and RE), 1 free seat on the ticket, departure at 30.12/18:25 (by S11 towards main station), GSM 8887 or



from date type who comment
Berlin "Mitfahrgelegenheit" by car or DB Schnafu
Augsburg or Munich "Mitfahrgelegenheit" by car or DB "Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket" Jbaiter, johannes 0x2e baiter 0x40 gmail 0x2e com
Herborn/Wetzlar/Dillenburg/Gießen/Marburg at late night 12/26 or very early 12/27 Shared ride via car or train Johnjohndoe
Bonn/Köln Shared ride via car or train Adrian


to date type who comment
Berlin 12/30 Shared ride via car or train Johnjohndoe See offers now!
Tübingen / Stuttgart 12/30 Shared ride via car or train 9 0151_53971957 oder bei CCT-Assembly
Darmstadt or Frankfurt 12/30 Shared ride via car or train peter1elf Just give me a call or drop a message to 0163 764 77 0x30 4 or at daniel 0x2e lehmann 0x2e privat 0x40 gmail 0x2e com
Düsseldorf or thereabouts 12/30 Shared ride via car or train AnsisMalins I'm a pretty cool guy!
Berlin 12/30 Shared ride via car or train Gammelfisch Were two guys willing to help you like getting your stuff into the car etc. contact phone 0176 97 33 0x20 18 or prototyp öt d00m pppunkt org
Bremen 12/30 - 18:00 metronom from hamburg hbf to bremen hbf ,starting Hamburg Dammtor Makefu Looking for fellow passengers to share Niedersachsen Ticket, evenly shared. Call dect 2216
Berlin 12/31 (around noon would be prefered Shared ride via car or train Phaer Willing to pay gas money, one bagpack. / (mail)
München 1/1 preferably earlier Shared ride via car or train Milot We are two students living in Munich. We would be happy for a affordable way home. (+49 176 20266434)

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