Where to find Mate in Hamburg?

Natural Yerba Mate

You can find Yerba Mate imported directly from (Argentina, etc.) in large quantities for a very low price in specialty shops for Latin Americans, for example at an Argentine or Peruvian grocery store (argentinscher Laden or südamericanischer Laden, is one way to say this in German). The price is approximately 5-12€ for a kilogram, depending on the shop and brand. Two example stores are below:

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    • Chiléan wine/grocery shop

This is near the Sternschanze S-Bahn and U-Bahn (Subway station) It is somewhere near Schanzenstraße 72 at a T-intersection. This reference point is a resturaunt, where also maybe someone would know the exact location. This was a really great shop, and they sold at least 2 brands of dried, powered, and 'dirty' varieties of real-deal mate!

    • Latin Market approximately Barenfelderstr. 70 (near S-Bahn/Subway station Altona)

You 'take a left' from the Ottensener Hauptstr., and walk about 1 block; just after you pass the 'Karatren' Oriental lounge, and then a local record shop, it is on the left in the back of a Latin Restuaraunt. It used to be a shop, and now is a resturaunt with a small shop behind the bookshelf. Here you can buy a big sack of mate to share with the entire Congress!

You may not have realized this, but this same 'hack' works in almost any large city on the Earth. Thank you South America!

Flora Power

You can buy Flora Power mate in Hamburg Altona (from CCH by S-Bahn, follow S31 to Altona station) at Reinecke's Getränke Laden, and meet its producers, Hans-Werner and Ludger. Rhubarber and more organic juices can be found in this shop.

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Club Mate

In all the shops found in the streets or train stations.

Other Mate

Do you know other mate drinks and where to find them? 1337 Mate comes from Hamburg and there will be daily Mate circles with many varieties of fresh Mate at the Villa Straylight

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