Description Every new redefinition of hacker ethics divides individuals in two groups, good and bad.

The hacker communities finally got rid of the old mass-media image of the "bad hacker". Who is the new "bad hacker" then? What practices and approaches are excluded by the new ethical paradigm?

We propose a "mutual aid" (AA-style) group to share thoughts and experiences of being bad hackers today.

Type Outside
Keyword(s) inside
Processing assembly Delete me
Person organizing Br0n
Language en - English
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Starts at 2013/12/30 05:30:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/30 05:53:00 PM
Duration 23 minutes
Location Example Assembly

The session is moving and not fixed to one place. The meeting point is at the crepes stand in the hall. If you want to be recognizable by the rest of assembly pull up the right sleeve of your sweater/hoodie. In case you don't have one pull the left sock up over the trousers and the right one down. If all else fails, improvise.

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