Level 3
Size (in m²) 25
Seats 50

PA, Microphones


For the first time at C3, we’re dedicating space to a new type of stage, a more intimate stage, a stage for the poets, playwrights, and other types of writers out there! It’ll be a stage for the evenings...when eyelids are heavy with codes, and bellies are heavy with drinks, and lips heavy with stories untold…

It’s your chance to express yourself, whether you see yourself as a silver-tongued bard reciting epic poetry and speaking honeyed words from a lost age or whether you’re the strong, silent Boba Fett type who has written sci-fi fan-fic on the side, this stage is for you!

If you have poetry to read or some awesome self produced sci-fi audiobook let fALk know! There are still some spots to fill on the stage.


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