This section is as usually dedicated to any "temporary" or non clear space items, so please use it and abuse it (well within the limits).

Facilities and equipment

This is a list of facilities which we desire at 30c3 and it's basic equipment.

  • Experimental kitchen

This section will be dedicated to experimenting and hacking of food&beverages. It should fit 4-6 people "in action" comfortably. It will have to full fill all the requirements for the indoor events. Electricity, water inlet and drainage are highly desirable. Preparation benches/tables should be made. We do not plan to prepare food for more than 20 people at time, smaller scale this time.

- 2-3 preparation benches

  • Workshop venue

The purpose of this venue is to serve as well designed and equipped place for workshops dedicated to the food&beverage hacking with emphasis on hands on experience. The capacity should be from 15-30 people. Preparation/working benches should be made, same type as for the experimental kitchen.

- 3 preparation benches

  • Presentation desk

To show what we are up to, two or three tables should be set in front of the fhb assembly to present ourselves. We should take "shifts" so there is always someone to talk to the people, offer tasters and fhb promotion things for donations etc.

  • Bio-lab/corner

Variety of instruments like microscope, pH meter, laminar flow cabinet and more will allow to take the food&beverage and bio hacking at this event to the next level. The preparation of this section is going to be more challenging than the other ones because we did not do this before.

  • Multimedia center

Place dedicated to support our activities by bit of "technology" including computer, printer, digital camera, maybe video camera (for streaming) and hopefully projector. We have been more or less missing this section on previous events and it definitely showed.

  • Washing facility

To keep the place tidy and operational we need to have a dedicated area for washing things. Dish washing machine may be part of the solution.

- washing table

  • Hang out corner

To have a place to relax after or before a workshop or experimental class, have a chat, share a drink is important and this is the place to do it. Few table and some chairs, nothing complicated.

- 3 tables

Kitchen Object Material Amount Cost (€) Total cost (€) Owner/caretaker
Kitchen preparation bench impermeable board (300x60 cm) 1 30
Kitchen preparation bench chip board (300x60 cm) 1 25
Kitchen preparation bench wooden column (4.4x4.4 cm) 7m 7
Kitchen preparation bench screws/steel brackets xx 15
Kitchen preparation bench TOTAL COST 77 231 Algoldor
Workshop venue workshop floor linoleum (17x14 m) 240
Workshop venue preparation bench TOTAL COST 77 231 Algoldor
Washing area sink stainless steel 1
Washing area sink support structure wooden column (4.4x4.4 cm) 12 12
Washing area sink support structure screws/steel brackets xx 10
Washing area water connection hose 30-60 m 60-80
Washing area water connection duche shower head set 2 50
Washing area water connection various adapters and sealants 6 40
Washing area pump 1
Washing area whole structure-well done TOTAL 200
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