First of all please share with us your spendings related to the food hacking base project, the file for that is here, thank you!

We need to cover what we spend, that is the way how we do it. We have around 600 EU from the previous events to start with lets call it start up budget.

As on events before the main budget for the event - lets call it operational budget should be within €2500, in this case than the total budget would be around €3100 and a bit over for whole endaviour to spend max. We hope to get as much of this money before the event as possible. As usually we will have to adjust our activities to the resources which we get and which are not completely predictable. Majority of our spending should be covered again by crowdsourcing campaign which we run before the event, aiming to collect around €1500.

We plan to collect around €1000-1500 during the event combining the donations from workshops, promotional activities and importantly by another crowdsourcing campaign run by jointly by Food Hacking Base and it's associated group Dancing Drops (dd), sharing the profit and dedicating part of it to the subsequent Food Hacking tour around Europe, hoping to generate more avareness and interlink in the field and also resources for both groups, most of it coming to Dancing Drops and it's activities in South Korea.

The aim is to end up after the event or tour around €1000 in plus on Food Hacking Base budget, so we have a good start for the future events and projects. Certainly we need to end up in plus numbers. For now the extra money which we will not spend should be ready for projects and next events using them wisely but not letting them sit on the accounts for ever.

Budgeting for the event

Budget title (€) Amount of cash aimed for (€) Received (€) Still to get (€)
Start up budget 600 600 0
Operational Budget 2500 0 2500
Surplus donations 1000 0 1000
TOTAL 4100 600 3500

Donations and expenses" during the event We will be monitoring again our spending before, during and after the event, this time more percisely most likely sharing that as a Google doc.

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