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Description Lisp and scheme hackers all over the world gather and discuss the state of the union. We welcome beginners and interested people and will direct flamewars to the /dev/null room.

There will also be workshops, and we are always open to helping newcomers get up to speed

Members Alexshendi, Ckeen, DerGuteMoritz, Lispm
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Registered on 21 October 2013 08:58:59
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes Live coding, talks, show&tell, Q&A, help with your code!
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Brings laptops, routers, power chord extensions, banner, flyers, a nice Chicken Scheme banner (look out for it!), beamer
Seats needed 6
Extra seats 10
Assembly specification
Planning notes We would need network connectivity of some sort. Also a wall space would be nice
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where schemers and lispers meet at 30C3

Welcome Meeting

We'll meet at our assembly on the 27th at 12:30 to coordinate our schedule and/or do some warm-up hacking.

Opening hours


Who should come?

Everyone with an interest in lisp like functional programming. Yes, that includes arc, clojure or your own obscure lisp like dialect. Feel free to tell us about it.

Do I need to bring something?

Nothing special, the usual equipment suffices. For the workshops bring your computing device and a network cable, as we will be always short on those.

Can I give a Lisp/Scheme related Talk/Workshop?

Of course! We are open for anyone! You want to fill in your idea in the table below and drop by and hang around with us!

Planned "events"

We plan to get some talks and hands on workshops organised. Stay tuned!

WIP Talk ideas:

  • Introduction to (chicken) scheme (Ckeen)
  • something interesting by DerGuteMoritz
  • Scheme GUI Toolkits and how to live with them (Ckeen)
  • something cool (certainty)
  • ...
preliminary Schedule
When What Who
2012-12-27 1600hrs Talk: Introduction to (chicken) Scheme Ckeen
2012-12-28 2200hrs Live coding: Growing algorithmic plants and how they breed Ckeen

Stuff to bring for general infrastructure


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