Description Kinky Geeks meet here. Find us in #BDSM in the hackint IRC network.
Members Alex.., Beaver, BerndLiefert, DarkGigaByte, Jriede, Masterbase, Mist, Morphium, Pink, RalpH himself, Scar, Stefan, The Compiler
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Self-organized Sessions Geeks & BDSM
Related to assembly QueerFeministGeeks
Registered on 22 October 2013 09:14:08
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes todo: plan the sessions. ;)
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Seats needed 15
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification
Planning notes Wanted neighbourhood: Near the queer people.

We prefer a quiet corner but being near tolerant queer people is much more important for us.

A little free space nearby for a shibari (rope bondage technique) demonstration would be cool.

(I hope i can edit the member seat number later cause i can only make an educated guess at this number.)

Kinky Geeks meet here. The 'Kinky Geeks' talk at 29c3 showed us that there are a lot kinky (interested) people at the congress. Now you can ask your questions during the whole congress and meet like-minded people at a fixed location.

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