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Description We may be one of the smallest hackerspaces by square meters, but members/area ratio is pretty well. Our location is kassel right in the midst of germany. We have some shared members with cccks.
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Registered on 5 December 2013 09:53:11
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes Member typ.o will be available for Q&A concerning electronics like uC peripherials, power supply, opamp stuff and more.
Other assemblies...
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Brings Blinkenstuff, the usual suspects in terms of embedded computing, some fm transmitters, and more ..
Seats needed 7
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes We would be happy if our place would be OFF the main crowd, as silent as possible, in the most remote corner.

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  • flipdot was founded nearly five years ago
  • We work at only 25 m^2 and we are crowded sometimes.
  • We have some connections to artists
  • We participated twice at the interfiction (video), a parallel event to documentary film festival kassel
  • Made some baustel weekends
  • We are located in an old shoe factory together with a bunch of other projects, artists, qui gong feng kung stuff, photographers, artists, craftsmen and much more.

We will be there for showing some blinkenstuff, discuss about the very best door locking system for hackerspaces (our lock is now in iteration number eight), talk about DIY electronics and meet together.

Our current iteration of door lock system
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