Second time - let's make this a tradition. For the Whisky (or Whiskey, if you wish) loving nerds, we would like to form a get-together and enjoy some fine specimen in front of a virtual Kaminfeuer (chimney fire) and/or a stream from one of the talks. If someone wants to give a talk on whisky, thats awesome, too.

Type: Hands-On
Person organizing User:blackspear
Orga contact martin@blackspear.de

Starts at 2012/12/29 08:30:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/29 10:45:00 PM
Duration 135 minutes
Location Speakers Corner
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Everyone/project/group brings a bottle of his prefered Whisk(e)y and a drinking device (If you can't afford, we will manage. Don't worry). The bottles are shared along with advice and tales of bravery and comradship. Or just drink and look deep.

Don't forget a drinking device of your choice!

Suggestions or talks about whisky are welcome!


If you're interested, put your name here!

  1. blackspear
  2. doc_coffee
  3. .holger
  4. CalgaryConehead
  5. Dariush
  6. zwanzigcent
  7. dkl
  8. ScottyTM
  9. Falk
  10. towo
  11. esenneddy
  12. DocSnyder
  13. dreichler
  14. P3tzi
  15. curry
  16. krokodilerian
  17. poggie
  18. Slarti
  19. robbje
  20. lupo
  21. Wrath
  22. cd
  23. halfur
  24. Phigcch
  25. Seb
  26. lev
  27. Charly
  28. uvo
  29. mschuett
  30. Simiil
  31. Maxx (talk)
  32. ...you?


What would you like to bring? Please add identifier (project, person or fancy group name you just made up)

  1. CalgaryConehead is bringing Gibsons Finest --CalgaryConehead (talk) 00:20, 22 November 2012 (UTC)
  2. poggie is bringing Cragganmore 12
  3. krokodilerian is bringing Lagavulin 16 yo
  4. zwanzigcent is bringing The Balvenie Doublewood 12
  5. Slarti is bringing Dailuaine 16 yo
  6. dkl is bringing BenRiach 12yo
  7. robbje is bringing Bowmore 12yo
  8. Wrath is bringing Visaumbehmwiski, can someone spare me a glass?
  9. halfur is bringing Laphroaig Quarter Cask, due to lack of money
  10. cd is bringing Talisker 1993/2006 Distillers Edition (TD-S: 5IU), but only a small bottle, because I can't take it back with me.
  11. C-Keen is bringing a dutch Millstone (6yrs), I would need a glass ;)
  12. ScottyTM is bringing a 1996 Glenfarclas
  13. Phigcch is bringing Johnny Walker Red, because he didn't find any well-stocked shops. :-/
  14. Falk is bringing a 1995 Mortlach Single Cask (16yo), also I forgot a glass.
  15. Charly is bringing a Nikka Pure Malt Black, 500ml
  16. uvo is bringing Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Port Wood 12yo
  17. Maxx (talk) is bringing Smokehead Extra Black. Would need a glass or I'll have to use a cocktail glass...
  18. P3tzi is bringing a Oban 14yo
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