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Workshop information

What is the title of the workshop? The name is used as site-name as well.
Classification: Is it more a workshop or a talk?
A short description of the workshop. Value will be used within lists. Use Free-text for a details.
Is the workshop planned by one or more Assemblies, add them here.
Person organizing:
Person organizing the workshop. Use User:<YOURNICKNAME>. Do not use a URL to your userpage!
Orga contact:
A valid email address that might be used by the orga to contact you in case of questions.

Schedule entries

Before you start planning your workshop time some notes:

  • You can eighter use an assembly (see Assemblies) or one of the workshop areas (Hall 12, Hall 13, Hall 14, and for talks Speakers Corner).
  • While planning your activities in one of the workshop locations please consider that we have a limited number of those locations. So please limit your workshops to a maximum duration of 3 hours. (Fair use!)

Start time:   ::
When does the workshop start?
Duration: minutes
How long does in minutes does the workshop last. Enter a valid number of minutes without any unit or decimal points.
Entry location:
Use existing values only! You can use one of the workshop rooms or the location of an assembly here. To use your assembly as an location, set Local workshops to yes or maybe on the assembly page. This will make your assembly show up in the list.

Free text: