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If you want to explore the beautiful city of Hamburg, here are some tips.


Exibitions and museums

Miniatur Wunderland

A must-see for every geek. www.miniatur-wunderland.com
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Hamburg Maritime Museum

Hamburg is a port-city with living history. The International Maritime Museum Hamburg offers an insight of the port and seafaring in general. Check http://www.immhh.de/ for more information (german page).

Hamburg Dungeon

Next to the Miniatur Wunderland, the Dungeon offers you to dive into the ancient history of Hamburg. It's not a museum, more like a mix between a show and a haunted house.

For further info go to http://english.hamburg.de/hamburg-dungeon-np/ or the official page http://www.the-dungeons.de/hamburg/en/index.htm


Germany oldest and largest wax museum, situated at the famous Reeperbahn.

For further info go to http://english.hamburg.de/panoptikum-np/


Every year around Christmas Germans meetup in the cold to drink themselves to oblivion while hearing music from David Hasselhoff. This spectacle is called Weihnachtsmarkt. If you want to see this spectacle, you can find a lot of these in the city around Rathausmarkt. You can have wide variety of german specialties like Sausages and Glühwein or some typical german handicraft.


You want to know what the "Big Bang" is and how our planet and the universe changed over million of years? How does the climate system of the earth work? At the Planetarium you will find answers to these and many other questions about earth and universe. Lean back and enjoy a sky show, projected on a domed big screen.

For further info go to http://www.planetarium-hamburg.de/service/information-for-our-english-speaking-visitors/

Tropical greenhouses (free!)

Right next to the hustle and bustle of 29C3, the public tropical greenhouses (Tropengewächshäuser) are a warm and usually quiet place to escape crowds and noise. Admission is free. Open 10:00–15:45 on Sat/Sun/holidays and 09:00–15:45 on workdays. There are toilets for visitors, I think. There are no benches or chairs to sit down. Wheelchair information: Once inside, it is possible to do a tour without using any stairs, but "doors are difficult to open from a wheelchair" and the shortest path from CCH has stairs.
OSM: http://openstreetmap.de/karte.html?zoom=18&lat=53.56&lon=9.985
How to get there from inside CCH:
Go to the first floor. Use the southern exit towards "Planten un Blomen" park – if you face nearby Dammtor train station, the park is to your right. The tropical greenhouses are a few metres south of CCH and have only one open entrance. When in the lobby, you are for some reason not supposed to use the door to your left to start your tour; instead, you should walk up the ramp past aquariums to enter the first and largest of the five greenhouses. Each room leads to the next until you are back at the lobby.
Additional information in German on pages 20 to 22 of this PDF document


Hamburg Club Culture

Hamburg Club Culture is a little bit different from what most of you know from last years in Berlin. Most of the Clubs in the Reeperbahn Area are relatively small, in most of them you don't have to pay entrance fee, and beer (Astra - the local brand) is mostly under 3 Euros. From thursday onwards Clubs are often so crowded, that the Party spills out on sidewalks and the street. If you are around with locals, it is not uncommon, to visit a lot of different Clubs on one night.

As the Reeperbahn Area is not Disneyland here are some hints for having a great night out:

  • Do not bring any weapons or glass bottles with you on the weekends if you go there! No really, we do mean it. Bringing your Leatherman or glass bottle of Club Mate can easily cost you a penalty. You also can't bring your bottle of beer with you from inside a club. The bouncer will be grateful to hand you a plastic cup though. Mate is available in every club or shop, so you don't need to bring it from the congress venue!
  • Fools are easily parted of their money, so stay away from clubs, that have People in front of them, that try to talk you in. This is called "kobern" and will most probably be an expensive evening for you.
  • Don't try to get into Clubs if you are already heavily drunk. You. Will. Not. Get. In. Bouncers in Hamburg are usually way more relaxed than in other ciies. If you want to get into a club, you will most probably have no problem getting in as long as you show a respectful and friendly attitude.
  • If you are offered distinct services around Hans Albers Platz don't get scared or shocked. Sex workers are an integral part of St. Pauli Culture for many centuries ( after all this is a harbour town, right?). Be at all times respectful and friendly.
  • club nights start late and last long. Especially on sundays a night of partying can last till in the next morning. If you happen to be there on a sunday morning try to visit St. Pauli Fischmarkt, you can get a cheap snack or a living chicken there if you need one.

Event Calendars

There are several Internet Event Calendars for Hamburg, that will show you where the Action is to find every day.

  • Szene-Hamburg A well sorted Event Calendar with practically all events that are taking place in Hamburg on a given day.
  • Bewegungsmelder A more alternative event calendar.
  • Spocht Blog really nice Hamburg Flyer Blog

Or check out the relevant pages on last.fm and residentadvisor.


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