RIPE Atlas probes for hackerspaces
I am a Community Builder for RIPE Atlas and organiser of hacker spaces exchange workshop at 29c3.

My goal is to have one RIPE Atlas probe installed in every hackerspace -- combining work and pleasure If you want a RIPE Atlas probe, come see me, and have a chat with other people who have the same interests. https://atlas.ripe.net

Type: Other
Person organizing User:Becha
Orga contact becha@xs4all.nl

Starts at 2012/12/27 06:30:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/27 07:00:00 PM
Duration 30 minutes
Location Hall 13
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RIPE Atlas https://atlas.ripe.net is a measurements network consisting of 2000+ HW probes that send pings, traceroutes, DNS queries etc either to fixed targets (root name servers) or do customized measurements by the people who are hosting the probes. Data is made available to everyone, in form of maps and raw data; probe hosts can get more details about their own measurements.

(RIPE NCC http://ripe.net is a not-for-profit organisation that coordinates activities that are beneficial for the Internet community and its membership - mostly ISPs and other organisations in Internet business -- activities that require a neutral and impartial organisation to coordinate them. What I'm getting at is that this in not a marketing or sales pitch ;-)

Everyone can host a probe - there are no costs involved.


Why should you get your probe at 29c3

Getting your probe at 29c3 is a *better way* because...

  • on one hand: I would like to distribute probes to many hackerspaces, so that I am sure all hackerspaces are covered:)
  • on the other hand: if your 'space is "far away", it might be handier if I bring you the probe personally to 29c3.
  • in any case: I like to meet the RIPE Atlas community and have a chat :)

How to apply for a probe

So here is how to make it easier for both you and me:

  • either:
    • go to access.ripe.net -> create a "user account" (unless you already have one)
    • log in - go to atlas.ripe.net/apply
    • fill in the details and in "method of delivery" say "i'll pick it up at conference", and in free text say "@29c3 from Vesna"
  • or
    • go to access.ripe.net -> create a "user account" (unless you already have one)
    • log in - go to atlas.ripe.net/apply
    • fill in the details and in "method of delivery" say _ship it to me_
    • ... and we'll ship it to you...
    • once you plug it in (mark it to be "public")
    • please let me know when you have one working, so that i can add it to my list of probes-at-hackerspaces...


Technologia Incognita, Amsterdam

Artifactory, Perth, Western Australia

initLab, Sofia, Bulgaria

RaumZeitLabor, Mannheim, Germany



More info


Day 4, 1PM-2PM, Hall 13: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/RIPE_Atlas_probes_for_hackerspaces,_follow-up

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