The HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund) is an association of transport services running the public transport in Hamburg. If you want to use a Bus, a S-Bahn (S1, S11, S2, S21, S3, S31) or an U-Bahn (U1, U2, U3, U4) you will need to purchase a HVV-ticket (see below). The Regionalbahnen (Rx and Ax) can, within the greater city limits, also be used with a HVV-ticket. The harbor ferries (Fähre), except the "Hafenrundfahrten", are also included.

Schedules & Information

Type of tickets and prices

Important notice: HVV tickets bought at a ticket machine or a counter are valid beginning at the moment of purchase.
They don't need to be validated. You can not pre-purchase tickets.
Exception: Self printed tickets bought online (http://www.hvv.de/shop/uebersicht/index.php) TODO



There's a taxi stand between Dammtor station and the CCH, impossible to miss.
Everywhere else: Look for light ivory colored cars with a yellow light on top or call any of these randomly selected numbers:

+4940221122 Das Taxi
+4940666666 Taxi Hamburg
+4940211211 Hansa-Taxi
+4940441011 Taxiruf Hamburg
+4940226226226 Taxi Altona

Most cars accept credit cards or debit (Maestro), but if you depend on it, ask in advance.

Taxi fares are regulated and it is not possible to haggle over them (except for long distance journeys leaving Hamburg).

  • Initial fee: 2.90 €
  • Every km <= 4 km: 2 €
  • Every km from 5 km to 11 km: 1.90 €
  • Every km >= 12 km: 1.40 €

Idle time: 25 €/hour (will only apply if car stops >= 1 min.). Added one-time fee of 5 € for trips with more than 4 people.

Example: 5 km trip = 12.80 € (1-4 people), 17.80 € (>4 people, "Großraumtaxi").

Bike rental

You'll see those red "Call a Bike" bikes all over the place, but unfortunately they require a registration and a credit card, for alternatives see Bike rental.

Car rental

see Car rental and taxi

Printable Maps

You can download a printable map as a multiple page booklet or as a single page poster.

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