FPGA 101
A crash course on FPGAs. Learn everything you need to know to get started with your project
Type: Workshop
Person organizing User:4rOs1s
Orga contact kb@ptscientists.com

Starts at 2012/12/27 05:00:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/27 11:59:00 PM
Duration 419 minutes
Location Hall 12
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This workshop will be repeated FPGA 101 (again)

This workshop will give you a rough overview on what can be done with an FPGA, how to program it in VHDL (and PSHDL) and how to do blinking lights in many variations ;)

I will bring 19 Spartan µBoards with some IO Expanders. You can use those for the time of the workshop, if you provide me with some identification. Those boards have to be returned, you can not buy them during the workshop. You can get some information about that board here: http://www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits/AES-S6MB-LX9.htm To not waste too much time on installation, it is a good idea to install the Xilinx ISE stuff with a web pack license.

Also while it might sound tempting to run Xilinx on your Linux machines, my colleagues have problems doing so. Especially programming the µBoard is known to cause problems. Try Virtualbox instead

It would be awesome to know who is attending and who needs and FPGA Board. Just in case that more that 19 people will show up, I will give the boards in the order of registration.

Of course you can bring along your own board and of course more than 19 people can attend. I think the workshop is worthwhile even without blinking an LED on your own :)

Sign below this line:



Maxx (needs board)

hajo (needs board too)


MK (via Mail)










HekMek (needs a board)

Martin (also also needs a board)

ZweiZeichen (via Mail)

Nico (also also needs a board, if possible)

oli (need a board)

mimi (via Mail)

Benny (also needs a board, if possible)

Spida (needs no board)

Georg (also needs a board)

kryptos (also needs a board)

Norman (also needs a board)

q3k (has board)

Joerg (also needs a board)

Petteri (also needs a board)


Alex.blackbit (needs a board)


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