What is C.H.A.O.S.

C.H.A.O.S. stands for "Congressstreeaming Hackerspaces Are On Stage" which is a really bad name for a really cool idea.


Show your congress everywhere location live on stage! We will try to use the time between talks to show as many congress everywhere locations as possible via a live video chat. It's all about you! Show us your hackerspace, tell us interesting things that happen in your location during congress, etc.

How to participate

  • find yourself some webcam
  • find yourself some computer where you can install skype
  • enter yourself in the List of interested locations
  • User:Unicorn will contact you to organise the details

List of interested streaming locations

  • Location
    • Contact Information
    • Availability
Location Contact Information Availability
CCC Trier skype: CCC-Triee
Labitat, Copenhagen, Denmark k2OS, skype: renemikkelsen all the time, but not always at Labitat - contact first
intern4chte, Lübbenau skype full name: Jugendförderverein Lübbenau all the time, but not always online@skype
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