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[edit] More Info

[edit] Topology

For topology, see - image is refreshed every 5 minutes. OLSR state can be found at

[edit] 6Mesh

  • A complete madwifi tree can be found here:

  • Typical config to be added in /etc/network/interfaces and activated using "ifup vap0" is:
iface vap0 inet static
        wireless_mode ad-hoc
        wireless_key off
        wireless_rts off
        wireless_fraq off
        wireless_channel 1
        wireless_ap 02:25:C3:CA:FF:EE
        up sh -c "ip addr add dev $IFACE"
        up sh -c "echo 'nameserver\nnameserver'>/etc/resolv.conf"
        up sh -c "iwpriv $IFACE doth 0;iwpriv $IFACE uapsd 0;iwpriv $IFACE bgscan 0;iwpriv $IFACE ap_bridge 0;iwpriv $IFACE rssi11b 11;iwpriv $IFACE rssi11g 11;iwpriv $IFACE rssi11a 11;iwpriv $IFACE mcast_rate 5500;iwpriv $IFACE bintval 1000;iwpriv $IFACE probereq 0"
        pre-up sh -c "for if in ath0 vap0 vap1 vap2 vap3;do if grep -q \$if: /proc/net/dev;then ip link set dev \$if down;wlanconfig \$if destroy;fi;done;wlanconfig $IFACE create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ad-hoc nosbeacon>/dev/null"
        post-down sh -c "grep -q $IFACE: /proc/net/dev && wlanconfig $IFACE destroy;exit 1"

Wireless 6Mesh Channel 1 und Channel100 ( 5ghz )

Konfiguration der ipv6 nodes: Wireless:ipv6-config
Ips fuer den SIIT Asistenten: Wireless:IPs

Download der Firmware ( beta )

[edit] Easy way to 5 ghz - Meshing at congress:

-> console -> edit in /etc/modules.d/50-madwifi

 ath_pci outdoor=1 countrycode=276 
, then reboot.

now change on luci - adminpage the wireles settings to channel 100 / bssid 05:25:c3:ca:ff:ee -> reboot -> fun!

[edit] Next steps:

some guys of Freifunk will set up a Developer-Mesh-Network for Testing. visit here or here, both only (de)

[edit] problems

  • Dec 29 02:50:39 siit-77-87-52-145 kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wifi0: transmit timed out
  • ICMP6 nach ICMP4 Translation nicht einwandfrei, daher funktioniert PMTU-D nicht, händische MTU Abstimmung als Workaround noch notwendig
  • Ugly implementation in Olsrd. aaron fixed some things last night.
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