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The Wireless Community Corner is an international gathering space for wireless community networking at the 22C3. We are located in the area C02 around the stairs.


There is a meeting of all regional Wireless Communities and Developers at 17 on 28th in the workshop area or (if the space is enough) in the wireless area.

Please use the Wireless: namespace, so we can use RSS-filtering.

RSS-Filter works for NetNewWire Lite


wth mailing list, list for international wireless-event-orga, with the context "hacking/hands on"




Wireless:Olsrexperiment Berlin

Wireless:Opennet_firmware Rostock

for historical reasons located at the Art & Beauty - behind the LEGO-bricks.

interesting speaches and workshops

  • Hacking OpenWRT Felix Fietkau day1 saal2 23:00
  • Community mesh networking Elektra day2 saal3 23:00
  • special wireless workshops at area A08 on day 2 from 22:00 till 24:00 (or open end)

Open Questions

  • Does someone know if there's a prism2-usb wlan-device that i could use on my ibook (has no pcmcia) for monitor mode? kaazoo

Participants and Communities

alphabetic order please!

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