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The Alexanderplatz, or, Alex homes the BCC, the place where the 22c3 is being hold. Today (and, i think also at the time of the congress) a large part of it is a construcktion area. Some interesting buildings:


For Hackers:

Maybe interesting for Hackers:

  • The world time clock c-base's 3d WTC simulator
  • The Fernsehturm
  • For Hackers traveling by train: S+U Railwaystation. Railwaystation, combined S-Bahn and Tube Station. Big. Dont get lost. Some Shops, some places to eat and drink. Expensive.

For Tourists:

Uhm. Visit Wikipedia or Wikitravel instead of buying an expensive, incorrect, paperwasting guidebook, at least if you can understand german.

Some Links:

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