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The Phone Operation Center (POC) is the telephone exchange of the congress. Sascha Ludwig and Martin Assenmacher are responsible for the POC.

The POC will provide the telephone system (Alcatel OmniPCX 4400) and some DECT Handsets, too. Additionally they will bring cable bounded phones, which will be connected via the CAT5 cable system of the BCC. Everybody can bring his own DECT/GAP compatible phone, which will be entered into the system. You will get your own direct dialing number.

There is a list of phones which are known to be incompatible with the POC-Network in the Eventphone-Wiki as well as phones which are known to work. Better check in advance if you have to get another phone.

The POC Help Desk can be found in C02 right next to the NOC-Helpdesk.

Please register your DECT, analog and ISDN extensions in advance by using the GenericUserRegistrationUtility (Guru). This will speed up the registration progress at the congress. All registered extensions will automatically show up in the phonebook. To get the phonebook as ASCII try out this script.


SIP/IAX Server-Settings

Server: 22c3.eventphone.de Username: YourSIP or IAX number Password: look it up in the GenericUserRegistrationUtility (Guru)

You have to activate your account at the POC before you can use it.

All DECT-phones are reachable via sip:XXXX@22c3.eventphone.de

Worldwide dial out

just call 77<country code><number without leading zero>

e.g. to call the BVG dial 77 49 30 19449

misc. special numbers

2088: labyrinth
2091: menschenrechte
8123: PoC menu
8124: music/lorem ipsum
8126: music
8127: Conference test
8129: echo test
8222: music
8330: erna
8463: time
8666: sexline
8765: fortune
98: alphaville

outside special numbers

040/414311071: nmap over phone (use # for . when entering an IP address, free if called over sipgate or similar account [leave off the 040/41 at the beginning then])

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