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or Villa 2.0, public alpha

in the early 90's, there was a telephone chat system gone MUD called The Villa. It was a convincing cross between a game and a chat system, and it felt much more high-tech than it was because there were live participants you could hear/notice/eavesdrop.

On this Congress, we've modelled the BCC as such a system.

It's incomplete, inaccurate, and buggy as hell. But it should still be fun.

How to reach

Within the POC DECT network, just dial 98.


You can move around using the telephone keyboard. Enter 5, then the direction you want to go to. Think of a compass rose.

  • To move ahead (north), press 5 2
  • To move ahead-left (north-west), press 5 1
  • To move ahead-right (north-east), press 5 3
  • To move left (west), press 5 4
  • To move right (east), press 5 4
  • To move back (south), press 5 8
  • To move back-left (south-west), press 5 7
  • To move back-right (south-east), press 5 9

For a navigation aid (in German), press #.

If you want to know how many people are in the same room, press 6.

This is a rough sketch:



You can talk in all rooms. Some rooms are realtime conferences. These are:

  • Saal 1 - 4
  • Haecksen
  • Lounge

Saal 1 - 4 are supposed to have the actual realtime audio from the conference rooms as background sounds.

If you want to talk in any of the other rooms, just press 4. After the beep, say something. That recording will be played back to all other parties in the room as soon as it is completely recorded.

(Chatting this way feels a bit like IRC)


The background sounds for the rooms are from:

Sound effects are from:

  • freesound
    • Suonho - Access denied (Ill communications pack)
    • RBH - Household front door

Thanks to everybody!

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