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The Opening Event will take place at December, 27th (Day 1), at 11:00 - the closing event will finish on December, 30th (Day 4) at 20:00h.

Schedule / Fahrplan

The congress time schedule (the Fahrplan) and information about events (lectures and workshops etc) and speakers are now available at the 22C3 Fahrplan page.

Hint: If your pc fails to import the iCalendar file into Mozilla Sunbird try using the old version as the current alpha build has buggy import code :)

If you prefer dead trees, here is a PDF version.

22C3 Aftershowparty

There will be a 22C3 After Hour at the c-base on December, 30th after the Congress. This party is meant to be the central hang-out-and-get-together event after the 22C3 officially closes.

The c-base provides a bar, nice music and wireless LAN for everybody. The best place to chill out after a heft four day hacking experience.

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