Congress Fahrplan

This is the official 22C3 time schedule (we call it "Fahrplan" - we think that's funny). The schedule is still subject to change slighty until the Congress actually starts but can be considered mostly stable already. However, changes can be tracked down by examining the published version number.

Only Version number 1.0 and higher ensures a final stable schedule. But once Lectures and workshops are included in the schedule, they are usually not changing that much.

Fahrplan in HTML

The HTML version is not really what we want it to be in terms of looks. However, the content is king and should be right. You can click on events and speakers to get more information. A meta navigation is missing. We're sorry!

Fahrplan in iCalendar format

The current schedule is available in iCalendar format. With proper software (e.g. Apple iCal, KOrganizer, Ximian Evolution or Mozilla Calendar) you can subscribe to the schedule, nicely visualize the events and get updated automatically.

Our iCalendar format is pretty stable. We recommend using that format for automated consumption if you like to hack some.

If you prefer XML, take the XHTML code. It contains almost everything of interest. The basic format won't change.

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