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Congress Overview


The conference consist of lectures, discussions and workshops in four tracks. The Congress Schedule offers a list of all planned lectures and the speakers, as well as day-by-day timetable.

The Chaos Communication Congress offers other interesting activities apart from the main conference program. You are invited to take part in these groups offerings.


In the Hackcenter you will find intertesting projects on various topics.

If you want to do your own project at the Hackcenter you have to register with our crew.

Info Desk / Online Team

Right at the entrance of the Hackcenter, you will find the Info Desk. This is your first stop for all kinds of information around the Congress. Found things might can be deposited here, important things can be locked in for a while.

Right next to the Info Desk you also find the Online Team that operates the 20C3 info web server at http://congress.ccc.de/ (available only during the 20C3). This is where all kind of information gets collected in digital form.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory is about hands-on experience. Robotics and electrical and electronical experiments are a central topic. Furthermore there will be extensive workshops on various topics.

There will be the popular "Lego Sumo Deathmatch" once again. Everybody can participate even if you do not have your own robotic equipment. We can provide you with some kits.

If you want, you bring your technical equipment to the Laboratory: oscilloscopes, electronic devices of all sorts, measuring equipment, whatever. The Lab is the place to dig into technology and exchange knowledge with others.

Blinkenlights / BlinkenArea

Blinkenlights One part of the laboratory is dedicated to Project Blinkenlights. Numerous clone projects as well as the Blinkenlights team will be presenting their technology. The right place for discussions around hardware and software aspects of those blinking lights.

The Haecksen

Haecksen Logo The 'Hścksenraum' features, apart from tea and sofas, some very fascinating workshops for all beings interested. Questions asked are usually not being answered in 'RTFM' fashion. No 'Just turn over the keyboard, I'll do it for you' in this room. Of course, the primary goal of the Hścksen is to take over the world. For a 50% quota of male congress visitors! Come over and have a look at it. More information: http://www.haecksen.org/congress.

7th German Lockpicking Championships

In it's seventh continuous year the German Lockpicking Championships will be held at the Congress. The Championships are prepared and organized by the Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik e.V.. On the event pages you will find all necessary information how to participate in the Championships.

Lockpickings workshops are being offered to the curious. If you want to improve your skills in a non-digital way this might be for you.

Chaos Archive

The Chaos Archive provides access to twenty years of computer and hacker history on paper and other antique storage devices. Your chance to browse the not-yet-digitized space-time-continuum.


The Lound is opened all day and night and serves hot and cold food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Chaos Cafť offers space for relaxed intercommunication a bit away from all other proceedings at the congress.

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