Hackcenter auf dem Camp


The Hackcenter is the electronic area of the Congress. Various groups offer a glimpse into their activities. Who wants to showcase his project at the Congress should register so that we can reserve space in the Hackcenter.

Experience from recent years shows that many people have mistaken the Hackcenter as a LAN-Party. So we are going to restrict access to the Hackcenter a bit using a project model.

This means that space in the Hackcenter is limited and is available only via pre-registration on our web site. Everybody who does not register and does not receive an OK from us via e-mail should expect that there is be no space available for his/her equipment in the Hackcenter. If the Hackcenter is full, it is full - nobody else will be let in and no other rooms will be opened.

Interesting projects and demonstrations of software or hardware are preferred. Space in the upper part of the Hackcenter is exclusively reserved for registered projects.

NOTE: the Congress is not a LAN party. We won't provide space for gamers and there will be no exceptions to the rule. The same goes for warez traders. We mean it.

What is a "project"?

A "project" is an interesting exploration of a certain technical topic which is organized by you or your group of people. This can be a demonstration of very modern or very old hardware or a software workshop (programming, installation, administration) that is of interest to other Congress participants as well.

Network games or warez trading do definitely not apply for a project.

Mobile Internet

If you have a Laptop/PDA with a Wireless Ethernet adapter (IEEE 802.11) you can connect to CongressNet without a cable and you won't need space in the Hackcenter at all. There will be Docking Tables for laptops outside the Hackcenter to connect to CongressNet temporarily.

Please accept that it is NOT allowed to maintain your own WaveLAN base station at the Congress.

Hardware Check-In

Any hardware larger than pocket-size (i.e. desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, monitors etc. but not mobile phones, pilots etc.) must be registered at the entrance. Such items may be removed from the building only with the appropriate Congress pass and only during the main hours from 0900 to 2200.

If you wish, a photograph or ID-number (driver's license, passport) can be entered on/attached to the Congress pass to ensure the effectiveness of this method even if the Congress pass should become lost.

Registration Form

The Hackcenter is full. It is no longer possible to register because all space is being reserved for registered people.

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