Congress Schedule

This is the official 20C3 time schedule. The schedule is usually being worked on until the last week before the congress. Changes can be tracked down by examining the published version number.

Only Version number 1.0 and higher ensures a pretty stable schedule. But once Lectures and workshops are included in the schedule, they are usually not changing much.

On this area you can find a list of all lectures and workshops being held at the Congress, a complete list of all speakers doing a lecture and a timetable of the three Congress days.

Congress schedule in iCalendar format

The current schedule is available in iCalendar format. With proper software (e.g. Apple iCal, KOrganizer, Ximian Evolution or Mozilla Calendar) you can subscribe to the schedule, nicely visualize the events and get updated automatically.

External Time Tables

Until we have incorporated them into our our time table, please refer to the preliminary time tables of the Häcksen Workshops and the Lockpickers.

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