Tango dancing

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Tango dancing
Self-organized Session
18. August 2023 18:00 - 18. August 2023 19:00
english/german on demand
Self Organized Sessions

Very beginner level workshop, should be suitable for people who have not danced before. It will take place at the Art & Play area in front of the big art bus. https://events.ccc.de/camp/2023/map/#18.87/53.0310303/13.3114826/m=53.031004,13.311467

Tango dance is about the connection and tension between the dancers. The speed of the dance is not fixed, you can choose to speed up and slow down, which makes it easier to get started and also gives you more freedom for expression later on.

We will switch back and forth between leading and following role and switch dancing partners often. If you don't feel comfortable switching partners you can also come with your preferred partner.

I'm planning to cover shifting your weight, maintaining tension and connection between dancers and the basic walking directions.

There will be time to just continue dancing after the workshop.