From c3stoc with love <3

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We‘re c3stoc - the CCC sticker operation center. After helping with the sticker distribution at 36c3 we had to find a solution to ensure new laptops wouldn‘t remain naked during the pandemic. During the last three years we organized remote sticker exchanges. Now it‘s time to share our learnings about exchanges and stickers!

The idea was just to make sure CCC Congress doesn’t have one single sticker box with a one hour queue. And we actually still like that idea: A system of sticker boxes strategically placed in various assemblies, and a partnership with ChaosPost to ensure an even distribution of the stickers in the boxes. Year 1 - 36c3 - was a success and we were looking forward to doing it again. We didn‘t foresee that a year later we would be packing stickers in envelopes and sending them accross Germany and the world instead.

December 2022 marked the third year of existence of the c3stoc remote exchange. In the last years we have designed, printed, received and sent a lot of stickers. We learned (almost) everything about paper quality, sticker sizes and shapes, about postage rules and how to pack stuff correctly, about which mistakes people make when creating stickers and about which designs communities around us love.

We’re here to tell you how we organized the exchange, what we learned about sticker logistics and how to make really, really awesome stickers.