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[edit] Things to bring

  • yourself and all your friends
  • your ticket

[edit] for Camping

  • toilet paper
  • a drinking bottle. Drink more water - drinking (water! not mate, not beer!) not enough is the most common DoS-Attack at camps.
  • a tent to sleep in
  • a sleeping bag and a mattress, and a sleeping pad - and a cosy cushion.
  • a blanket to sit on and place your laptop on. You might want to sit on a morning-wet ground...
  • penknife
  • a cosy sun chair for hanging out
  • chairs and tables
  • default meal tools (like knife, fork, spoon, plate, mug...)
  • lamps (it's getting dark when the EvilDaystar falls)
  • trash bags to collect your trash
  • a fire extinguisher if you own one
  • ashtray, if you're smoking
  • Appropriate clothing: for warm and sunny, and for cold and rainy weather. It is better to have clothing you won't need than to need clothing you don't have. Although it is very warm during the day, it gets very cool in the evening. Pullovers are recommended.
  • sun blocker. SPF 30 is recommended.
  • a hat and sunglasses against the sun
  • Insect Repellents
  • ear plugs if you think you think you need them
  • a swimming-dress, not the Borat one :)
  • Don't forget your towel!
  • a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap.
  • shampoo for your hair, shower gel for your body (and perhaps conditioner etc.)
  • your allergy medication and NEEDED drugs. This is in the middle of nature.
  • a rope...?
  • your health insurance service card (Krankenversichertenkarte)

[edit] for computer and infastructure

  • your computer(s) - and everything you will need to repair it, including Operating-System's Install DVDs
  • power cables (at least one quite long(really!) one), and more distribution sockets than you need for yourself, maybe adaptor to german power sockets.
  • a bunch of network cables (see EthernetCable)
  • as many switches you might need for your equipment
  • maybe a bunch of spare fans - heat and dust tend to kill cpu-/power supply-fans
  • one or more locks if you think you need them
  • tools, toys (like a Nintendo DS for wireless multiplayer fun),
  • a list of your trusted SSL keys (and check them!). Things can get pretty interesting otherwise...
  • a configured ipfw, think about an IDS (just for fun)
  • gadgets with all kind of blinky, geeky features as conversation pieces
  • a DECT / GAP compatible phone which can be registered with eventphone ( see compatibility list)

[edit] Things to leave at home

  • Dogs and any other kind of pets. Dogs are not allowed at the LandingGround. Besides, Camp is not a very dog friendly area.
  • your home directory and other data you don't want anyone else to see
  • a microwave oven. It *may* disrupt wireless networks. A typical tent is not the ideal position to defend yourself against an angry mob of hackers.

[edit] Things to care about

  • The Camp site is an open air museum. Please treat the exhibited planes and other objects nicely, some of the airplanes are very rare - no stickers, no damage, no modifications. More informations in german about the museum
  • No open fire /charcoal powered BBQ outside the designated fire area.
  • Obey the rules for any flying object.

[edit] Things to do beforehand

  • If you have a new tent, build it at least once at home. When you arrive at the camp, it might be dark, raining or both. This makes putting up a tent a lot harder when you still have to read the manual!
  • If your planning to participate in a village, contact the organizers of that village as early as possible. That makes planning resources a lot easier.
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