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Q: I need to bring a pet (a dog). The pet policy seems to have tightened up a bit. While i'm aware how pets can cause trouble for other inhabitants of the camp, I've thus far had no trouble keeping the dog safe and properly restrained to keep the others safe as well. But the wording on the page is rather strict and I'm not certain if it is even possible to accomodate a pet.

A: Let's take it this way: Dogs tend to mark their area (camp 2003 was famous for a dog pissing at random tents), bark at night, and do have their issues with the hot dusty environment. So please: If it is possible, leave him at home - you save us from serious trouble. Another possibility might be the Tierhotel in Kreuzbruch, which appears to me a way cooler place to say for your dog during the camp. Kind of "all inclusive vacation" for a dog or a cat - if you need a translator for their german only service, we would love to help.

However, we won't send you or your dog home if you appear anyway - but please, make sure that he is friendly, quiet, and clean up after your dog.

Q: So if I take care the dog is on a leash at all times, take it to do its stuff in a suitable place, clean up after it and make sure it is silent and keep it out of everyone's way so nobody complains about it, it is OK to have it on-site?

A: As already said, we prefer not to have him on site, but we won't enforce that.

Q: An exception would be of course for a handicapped person if the dog is a trained helper dog, I presume.

A: Of course.

Q: I don't have a tent, may I bring my car to the campsite? (Next Time I read the FAQs BEFORE i ask, sorry)

A: No.

Q: Tesla Coils and AM/FM transmitters should be left at home, too, shouldn´t they?

Q: can we use the gas cooking things ... like those : ?? coz, electrical ones are VEEERY heavy, and i'll hitchhiking for 1000km :)

A: Certainly. See the FAQ.

[edit] Recycled page?

I think you should check out this page, there is no lake at CCC 2007! --ThG 00:19, 16 July 2007 (CEST)

See this page. There is a lake.

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