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Workshop >
USB-FM-Transmitter soldering workshop

Who cven, johannes, kap, ..
Where c-base tent wireless village
Language English/Deutsch
When Day @ check Wireless:Workshops,

Duration: 24/7


Workshop >
Wireless:USB-FM-Transmitter, Soldering workshop #2

see Wireless:USB-FM-Transmitter


[edit] participiant

kaspar, Johannes, ...

Who cven
Where c-base
Language English
When Day sunday @ 15:00,

Duration: 2~3h

Links Wireless:USB-FM-Transmitter

[edit] USB-FM-Transmitter soldering workshop

At this workshop, you can solder your own, small, usb-powered fm-transmitter (See image).
We supply all needed components for a small fee. Soldering irons should be there, but better bring your own, if you have one.

[edit] Kits for sale?

Can I buy the components? There weren't any left b the time I got to the workshop, but I would love to build it myself.
Or if there would be an extra workshop tomorrow, that would be even better.
Psi36 17:16, 10 August 2007 (CEST)

If you want more kits after the camp, they are available on piradio.de minishop.

[edit] Description

Since there is no official camp radio this time, we want to build up an infrastructure with some ~20 small, self-built, < 1W FM transmitters, located on freifunk routers as well as on your laptop, if you solder one in our workshop.
The transmitters will be fed with an audio stream.
The main advantage of this concept is the somewhat-legal-status an the inconspicuousness in comparision to the one, big fm sender. We can avoid the need of an oficially assigend fm frequency.
We plan to transmit lectures and do own radio shows. Participation on the content-front is needed, so if you enjoy doing radio, meet us!

[edit] legal status/history

See mikro.fm
-more content is needed here-

[edit] attendees

Seb, Paul, Sicaine (Darksystem), Marcus, Mr. Nice, Maxx, Lynx, Alex, Plogic, Phil (PhilPraxis), trixter, zeroh, the_phoenix, naxxtor, Cache Memory, Thunder, dakra, lcb01, dogson, nbd

[edit] antenna

the antenna was not provided in the workshop kit, could someone explain how to handmade one? and how to add power to the card to expand the antenna range?

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