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[edit] CACert assuring

CACert logo

It's been a long time coming, but the wait was worthwhile, finally you are able to get security at the right price... Free!

For years we've all been charged high amounts of money to pay for security that doesn't and shouldn't cost the earth.

INFO: CAcert Booth now at the Gentoo tent!

[edit] Assurers

name email DECT points (*) notes
Mr. Template 0000 0 none
Birger Brunswiek none 10 Jabber:
Andreas Mohrhard 3328 35 just call
Benjamin Sonntag 6128 35 just call
gramels see user page 5001 35 Camper Area
Christophe Vandeplas - 35 Iguana Colony
Björn Heller 6100 10 -
Kerstin Mende 2107 10 -
Wolfgang Stief 2907 35 -
dns 3108 35 -
Baikonur 3007 15 Just call
Daniel Kral 3264 35 Gentoo Village
Tobias Kral tobias {at] kral [dot} ws 4683 (INTE) 35 Gentoo Village
Nierenschaden nierenschaden (_at) fem (-dot) tu-ilmenau (dott) de (tba) 10 FeM Village
Sandro Kehrlein sandro bei kehrlein punkt de 2620 30 just call
Björn Biesenbach 6255 30 just call
Johannes Ullmann 5654 30 ChaoticCongressCampers
kaazoo 20 maybe Gentoo Village
Raphaël Jacquot 4243 10 OpenMapping village
ClemensBW clemens[äaet]knuepfer-online[dot].de 3443 15 just jabber or call me
muetze CAcert (at) 4235 30 just call
Adi masteradi ät gmx punkt ch 2304 35 Area42 Village
jabber: adi ät koalatux punkt ch
StefanG CAcert (ät) 2208 35
BOfH AT(@)| bobsbasement DOTE co . uk 3511 or 3510 15 Just call. Please do, I need the points!
ApolloDS ccc <at> linuxnet <dot> ch 3222 25 Flying Objects Village
jabber: petbau <at> voicenet <dot> ch
johan <name> on knudde in be / 10/15 Only there during weekend. Find me @ Belgian Embassy
Aleksander Paravac watz <at> warptec <dot> com - 35 Find me in the angel area
Sven-Haegar Koch mail-cacert (at) sdinet dot de 6996 35 Just call, mostly somewhere around the wirless village
Thomas Kaschwig ccc (at) kaschwig dot net 4660 35 Meet me at the PGP Keysigning Party
User:Folken folken (at) kabelsalat punkt ch 2148 35 Meet me at area42
tehmaze wijnand (at) freecode dot nl 6653 35 Meet me at MononokeVille

(*) maximum number of points the assurer can issue

[edit] People wanting to be assured

name email DECT notes
Mr. Template 0000 none
Fabrizio Tarizzo fabrizio(at) 6161 Italian Village - Jabber:
Max Holzapfel 2409 jabber
Johan Marcusson independence (at) blinkenlights (dot) se 0000 jabber: independence (at) lysator (dot) liu (dot) se
Sven Rautenberg 4865 none
Till Steinbach 6600 none
Gareth Llewellyn 0000 none
Alexander Eichhorn alexander.eichhorn (at) gmx (dot) net 0000 FeM Village
Jeroen Massar 4221 Networker Village
Robert Schuppenies robert (at) schuppenies (dot) de 0000 none
Philipp Michael Gühring 0000 Österreich
John Kolovos cirrus (@) awmn (.) net 4400 Camp Anaconda
George Diamantopoulos georgediam (@) gmail (.) com 0000 Gentoo Village
Andreas Kimpfler 0000 Frubar Village
Martin Fritzsche 0000 Frubar Village
Alexander Badent 0000 Frubar Village
Felix Ruess 0000 Frubar Village
Niklas Bölter 0000 Frubar Village
Sebastian Wiedenroth (wiedi) 2357 Frubar Village

[edit] Things to bring

[edit] Assurers

  1. A sufficient number of blank CACert CAP forms (

[edit] People wanting to be assured

  1. One or more valid Government-issued identification documents with photo (passport, national ID card, driving license, ...).
  2. Prefilled and UNsigned CACert CAP forms (one for each assurer)

[edit] Meeting point

  • CAcert booth at the Gentoo Village, around the clock
  • every day between 16:00 and 17:00 , Hackcenter
    somewhere in the first row of tables
    look for people with a CAcert form in their hand

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