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DECT : 6128 (like the so famous CPC 6128 computer with 128Kb or RAM from Amstrad)

Hi, welcome in my personnal CC2007 page :)

I'm a french free-software developper and hosting sysop.

You may find more information (most of it in french) in Benjamin Sonntag's blog

The stuff I work on :

What else ...

Oh, yes, I'm a geek/nerd/hacker/whateveryouwanttocallit and therefore I will be glad to be at CC2007 :) See you there, surely on the French Village.

[edit] PGP GPG & co

If you want to find the GPG or PGP Signing party of the camp, there is a page dedicated to this stuff, but the mediawiki search engine sucks sooo much that we cannot find this page :)

A link to the pgp signing party page: PGP_Keysigning

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