SIGINT09 - final8

22. - 24. Mai, Köln

Day Pranks, Bugs, and Insecurities - 2009-05-23
Room Konferenzraum (MP6)
Start time 21:00
Duration 01:00
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Event type Lecture
Language used for presentation English

Technology transfer, surveillance technology and traffic from the east to the west

Recognizing the value of industrial espionage and friendship between the East and West after the Cold War

Me, as an information dealer from the East, I am trying to facilitate the selling of the best ideas and technology from the East to the West. Sebastian Big, a citizen from the Maramures region in Romania (now living in Amsterdam) wants to sell this user-friendly surveillance technology to the powers of the West. Because it is cheap, do-it-yourself, recyclable, efficient and has a long pedigree.

A lot of the former might of the East was just huge chemical-industrial plants that were sold out to the highest bidder. All the technological muscle of the heavy industrial East was just taken apart and scattered in the four winds. Both the Eastern and the Western imagery of technological transfer was riddled by espionage – hidden, ideologically determined double agents trafficking technology (mostly nuclear) from one side to the other with catastrophic consequences. The optical surveillance and defense military technology goes back to the Syracusian Greek Archimedes using mirrors as anti-personnel weapons against the Roman fleet and extends well into the Reagan era Star Wars program of Strategic Defense Initiatives using space mirrors and space lasers.

In the region of Transylvania in Romania, car rear view mirrors have been used frequently as the basic form of local surveillance technology. Neighborhood crime watch or private crime watch in Transylvanian cities (as seen in the attached picture taken in Sibiu/Hermannstadt in 2007) was based on recycling optical car-technology. The local surveillance technology meant attaching the rear window mirror to your house so that you could check up on who is coming and going around the house.

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