Oatmeal station (Müsli- und Brotzeitstation)

Openlab Augsburg (Chaostreff Augsburg)

Hungry and don't feel like eating out or turning to the delicious proper food stands? Come here and enjoy a bowl of cereal, fruits, or a bread with some spread. You pay exactly the cost of the items you consume, and are invited to grab the money in the cash box to buy replenishments.

This is an experiment in collaborative food infrastructure, and we require your help to make it work. It is not for profit in any way; at most, a small handful of euros will be left over, which we'd donate to the CCC. It works like this:

Whenever you feel like it, even if we aren't around, you can come to this self-service oatmeal station. Prepare a nice bowl of cereal or a good bread with spread.

Pay exactly the cost of the items you consumed, either using cash or by making an entry in the real-life tally at the station and settling your debt before congress ends. An approximate list of the cost of each item is supplied at the station and may be subject to change. You are invited to grab the money in the cash box to buy replenishments. Decide what to buy on your own, taking into account what you believe that people most likely want. Keep in mind that we don't have a fridge, so please refrain from buying items that need refrigeration. Please try to avoid pricey items; stick to the "no name" items such that everyone can afford to have a snack. This is organized on a strictly noncommercial, best-effort basis, by us congress participants for us congress participants. We are not a proper food stand.

Because we have no fridge, we tend to buy the many sorts of non-cow milk instead of regular milk. These don't spoil as fast. Also they're delicious, and the only option for vegans, which some of us are and who should definitely feel welcome.

In case you opt for a nice bowl of cereal, you have to bring or improvise a bowl and a spoon yourself.

We are sure you will do your best to keep the station in a clean, hygienic state. Here are some basic things which you can do to support this:

Wash every utensil you use (except those intended for reuse) and bring it back clean. If there are dirty dishes, feel free to clean them as well. Keep your fingers out of the food containers. Use clean utensils, those found in the container or the container itself to gather your food. If you spilled something, please clean it up. Remember the pathfinder's rule: Leave the place in a better state than you found it. The oatmeal station is at our assembly.