Day 3
Using enclaves for trustable off-chain compute
A group discussion considering if we can use trusted enclaves like Intel SGX for ensuring the integrity of off-chain computations. This would be particularly useful for non-deterministic processes like machine learning models, and for hyperstructure-funded server deployments that require a public trust chain to ensure integrity.

In a nutshell, can we use enclave stacks such as Intel IAS/SGX to create integrity guarantees for off-chain computing, thus for smart contracts?

So called "trusted enclave" hardware models (such as TPM) are often used for defending outside interests against end-user freedoms (such as DRM).

I'd like to invite an exploration into using such systems (such as Intel Attestation Service and SGX hardware) with blockchains for off-chain compute instead, redirecting the cryptographic trust chains they employ towards a publicly-autitable use cases.

I have a rather naive starting point: a pattern for deploying signed docker containers that run in enclaves, and use their hardware attestations to register on-chain as trusted for providing data to associated smart contracts.

I'd like to invite constructive criticism, to help assess viability and/or improve the model.

This is part of a larger exploration of creating a general-purpose SaaS host for Free Software authors to gain (guaranteed) income from their work: described at supershadowy.org


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