DISCLAIMER: This event is supposed to be a NETWORKING SESSION for ACTIVISTS and those that are either already providing TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT or at least plan to do so in the future. Participants are supposed to COLLABORATE in BREAK-OUT groups, so please only attend if you are looking for an ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT.

There are many different forms of protest and resistance around the world. Be it climate protests, uprisings against dictatorial regimes, sabotaging Nazi rallies, the fight for housing and against gentrification, or turning an economic forum into a disaster.

The activist everyday life is diverse and requires different tactics and strategies.

We ask ourselves how we can connect and support these with the tech world:

  • What technologies might be needed to support the various movements and action types?
  • Which technologies have been used in the past and have they proven their worth?
  • How can we improve collaboration with activists?
  • How can we learn better from each others' experiences?

We want to exchange ideas in small groups and talk about different tools and means for planning, carrying out and following up political actions and protests.


  • Introduction, Goals
  • Impulse
  • Break-Outs
  • Summaries

We will suggest the following themes for break-outs, but if you would like to raise a different topic, we'd love to hear about it!

  • Training and OpSec
  • Organization, Communication, Collaboration
  • Squats, Occupations, House Projects
  • Protest Camps
  • Demonstrations and Blockades
  • Anti-Repression