Sven Dohse is a humble legend and essential sonic factor within Europe’s electronic music culture. Even before playing the first ever record through the iconic Bar25’s PA in Berlin and having a long and illustrious residency at its spinoff Kater Blau, his genius for creating melting sets of super-wow has rightly labelled him a master in his own right. Dohse is the ringleader of his own unique kind of musical circus. Here, his impeccable feeling for the very moment and deep knowledge of music becomes a bucket of paint in which he composes colourful sets which honour house, techno, acid, disco, and that between. And with this, whether fixed from dedicated stages rising before thousands of dancers, or in cruise control from shabby sofas in cosy after hours, people gather before him to find themselves, lose themselves and live to tell the tale. Able to skilfully play with genres and times, the stories which emerge result in each track fading away to leave just one story behind that’s never yet been heard. It is in these moments that he pushes the doors and windows open to let in a new kind of breeze, and he has shared this across the globe. From Hong Kong dance floors, New York warehouses, Tulum beachfront cabanas and Melbourne raves, his musical soundtrack is readily lapped up and embraced. The Dohse household in Berlin is no stranger to telephone calls requesting his charismatic style to electrify dance-floors. Fusion Festival for the 17th year running? “Easy!” Last set of Nation of Gondwana.. again? “Yeah, no problem”. Garbicz Festival ‘cause that’s like your Polish vacation spot? “Blessed be thy ravers!” At these gigs, and every other which he plays, he unites people in these hours in the dust (or the German summer rain), in a way that only he knows how—leaving them happy, connected, exhausted and in love. Invoking this sentience time and time again has also given him a healthy gang of healthily overdohsing fans—people you could easily introduce to your parents over a civilised Sunday brunch. Yeah, he plays marathon sets (two hours is just the start), has acclaim through his label Prestige Weltweit and plays consistently alongside other names who also know how to neatly demolish the dance-floor, but in the end? Well, Dohse is just super geil (exact translation: über sophisticated music slut). Someone who enjoys cooking cross-continental cuisine from scratch and hanging out on the river with beautiful people and a fluffy dog—wherever he may be—he is opening the doors of his heart to let it all be heard. Just don’t forget the ‘H’.