Host: 1u

Short presentation and exchange Openki is an opensource tool for organizing barcamps and open spaces together. It emerged from the Autonomous School in Zurich over the last 10 years. After it was used this summer in St-Imier by around 5000 anarchists to organize around 600 workshops over 5 days, we are confident that it works and is stable.

Compared to a simple SOS form or wiki, it offers the possibility to participate in different roles (collaborative organization), also to simply suggest a topic where you are not an expert yourself (that someone else then leads), notifications, comments, a time period where interested people can register to then decide how large a room needs to be and more. Some interfaces are already available (schedule.xml, OAuth2 client) others would have to be coded (get the rooms).

Source code: https://gitlab.com/Openki/Openki