Day 2
Selbsthilfegruppe für verwaltungsnahe Menschen mit IT-Background ("Faxgeräteclub")
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Self-organized Session

After we were somewhat overrun at the camp and therefore unfortunately slipped into a question-and-answer dialog, we now want to make the administrative self-help group at 37c3 a little more open. Come along, we'll provide space and time for you to network and exchange ideas! We might spontaneously throw a few funny or exciting things at the projector together. However, we deliberately refrain from a frontal lecture.

What is the Faxgetäteclub and why are we doing this?

When we talk about government IT, we often talk about the need to build up knowledge and internalize IT skills in public administration. But anyone who actually decides to take a job in the administration or wants to have a positive impact on the administration from within civil society needs a lot of persuasive talent and often perseverance. But we can also achieve a lot of positive things.

What are the practical failures, where are the structural problems and which actions do we need from from politics?

In the fax machine club, we talk about our experiences in everyday life in and with public authorities, about what is still going wrong in the administration and how we can change things together. Come along and let's discuss and make plans together in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in IT in public administration and/or would like to share your ideas or questions, we'd like to hear from you!