Day 2

Discussion (35 mins) with input lecture (25 mins) Location: Community Stage, Hall H, Level 0 Prepared by: Digitalcourage Local Groups

"Away or Okay": Selling your fundamental rights for money? Data protection authorities are yet strikingly shy regarding the topic and seem to approve it silently.

What can be said against it from a societal view or from a view of fundamental rights? Is here revealed how capitalism is capturing/overturning the rule of law? What consequences does that have for our freedom(s)?

How could a defense geared against deals of that sort and based on privacy rights or fundamental rights look like? Shall we invent a Data Protection TÜV? Abolish the inform consent in the GDPR? Take over toxic capitalistic digital infrastructures?



SOS Bühne H, Halle H, EG, [https://37c3.c3nav.de/l/sos-h/](https://37c3.c3nav.de/l/sos-h/)