Day 2
On the limits of decentralization
A collaborative dialogue to explore and confront the philosophical assumptions behind the idea of decentralization. What is decentralization even? How does it relate to centralization? Can one exist without the other or are we looking at a false dichotomy? What other logical dichotomies may have given birth to these ideas? Object and subject? Order and chaos? Truth and lies? Are we perhaps unavoidably caught up in binary logic and symbolic reasoning? Or can we look at the bigger picture from a more phenomenological perspective? What is it that we experience when engaging in certain institutions, systems and protocols? And, when we do that, how does everything that fades into the background still exerts its silent influence over each participant, willing or not? A non-exhaustive list of references: The Tyranny of Structurelessness The Tyranny of Tyranny Extitutional theory Non-binary logic Performativity Hyperstition Do-ocracy


CDC Habitat