Day 2

Over the last few years, RCS (Rich Communication Service) has repeatedly made the news as the successor to SMS. One billion people are now said to be able to use it. Launched as an open protocol, its implementation is unfortunately left to the providers and Google. If you take a technical look at this protocol, you can say in a nutshell: an (old) protocol from hell. In an open round I would like to invite everyone interested to share their knowledge, to talk about the consequences of a hidden rollout of the providers and / or to discuss the idea of an own open source client.

Unfortunately all rooms are occupied, we will meet at the seating front in front of room Z! (floor 3) Green Light

Questions? van (a) chaospott.de



Sitzgruppe vor Saal Z (ebene 3). Sitting area in front of Saal Z (floor 3)