We're happy about any co-knitters and co-crocheters joining us, and we'll teach you how it works in case you don't know. :-) Where? Free space in front of Saal F.

If you could bring a knitting needle and yarn on your own, that would be perfect; but fear not, we have a limited supply which we'll gladly share with you. In this case, it would be nice if you could reimburse us on our costs, but no worries if that's not possible.

A nice project for a beginner is an oven cloth or a phone case, or if you're looking for something more ambitious, gloves. We are also happy to assist with your own projects or ideas. :-)

At least one of the workshop-giving persons can also offer the workshop in Macedonian or broken Serbian. The workshop is organized by August.

Here is a list of more sessions by our group.



Free space in front of Saal F