Over the last years, Chinese science-fiction became very well-known in the West. Liu Cixin's „The Three-Body Problem“ and Hao Jingfang's „Folding Beijing“ were both awarded with the Hugo Award and Barack Obama publicly recommended the former.

In this talk, we will go over some acclaimed Chinese writers, especially their history and their style: The three „grand-masters“ Liu Cixin, Wang Jingkang and Han Song, the three well-known and awarded authors Hao Jingfang, Chen Qiufan and Baoshu as well as some others including Gu Shi, Ma Boyong, Cheng Jingbo, Zhang Ran, Luo Longxiang and Fei Dao. Prints of and links to some of their short stories („Salinger and the Koreans“ by Han Song, „Folding Beijing“ by Hao Jingfang and „Möbius Continuum“ by Gu Shi) will be available.

For everybody. No prior knowledge required.

We meet at the Assembly of the OpenLab Augsburg.



OpenLab Augsburg