Day 2
InfraNodus: Reveal Non-Obvious and Find the Gaps with Networks and LLMs
Stage H
Self-organized Session

In this session, I will demonstrate an approach used in InfraNodus, a text network analysis tool I developed, to reveal non-obvious latent topics, informational gateways, and structural gaps in any text. I will then use how we can feed this insight to LLMs to generate new ideas and help them think outside of the box, bringing a little bit more creativity into their standard logic of trying to find the most likely scenario.

Take your computers with you, so you can try this out on your own ideas or texts!

I hope that during this session, we can also think together about how a similar approach could be used in your own practices: studying any text-based data but maybe also something completely outside of the text-related realm.

So if you're curious about networks and AI, I will be happy to meet you and have this discussion after the demo.

The location is to be confirmed after we get the map of the site, otherwise, you can contact me on Telegram via @noduslabs

For more info about the tool: https://infranodus.com



Either at the projector screen or in the furthest corner from the entrance if the screen is booked