Crappy robots unite!

Welcome to hebocon 37c3, where strong robots become weak and flashing hearts melt.

Bring your robot to Stage Y on Friday night and give it the ring.

Here your quickly assembled robot can become a superstar. High tech and serious pretensions strictly forbidden and accompanied by boos. The rules are simple: bring your own robot, the crappier the machine and the cuter the name, the more popular you'll be with the audience.

If you feel like it, write a message like "ah sounds cool, maybe I'll join in" or "au super, I'll bring my robi along" to hebocon-37c3@posteo.de or contact @huwg:matrix.org at Matrix.

All robots welcome except for

  • no remote control
  • no high-tech
  • no weapons (no fire!)

#callforrobots #callforhonky #callforschrubbi

We need at least 4 robots to fight, the more the more.

(We don't have the capacity to organize a build session, so you'll have to build alone or network with others)