Day 2
Fangenspiel im Pantomimehaus -- ein interaktives handlungslastiges Versteck- und Suchspiel aus dem Improvisationstheater. [en:] Tagging game in the mime house.

Tagging game in the mime hous -- an interactive acting-focused hide and seek game from improvisational theatre.

It starts with a small general warmup and a few easy exercises to mime on the stage.

Then we play the following game together: At first we stablish a house with surroundungs quite detailed. Then one person leaves the room, the others hide in this mime house. Then the person comes in again and has to find and catch the hidden persons.

The interesting thing is, that the searching person in real life does see all the other persons sitting, lying, crouching, ... on the stage, but in game obviously not. They have to be catched in-game!, and can also run away, re-hide, ...

Several rounds are probably possible.

offered by: @dreieck


Foyer level 2, between the escalators and the lifts: https://37c3.c3nav.de/l/p:JmtGWwz53fadBpaHjb2ORWCaWQO4x1QJ/