Day 1
Erfahrungsaustausch: IT-Sicherheitstrainings für Aktivist*innen
Stage Y
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Self-organized Session

Following the lively interest in the exchange of experiences at this year's camp and the formation of a networking group, we would like to try this again at the Congress and perhaps also give the networking group some life.

The world is not getting any brighter, house raids are becoming more frequent and climate activism is equated with terrorism. As a scene, we certainly have a lot to contribute, which is also urgently needed. So if you have ever given IT security training for politically active people or would like to start doing so, please come along!

There isn't really a program planned, this is more intended as a relaxed and spontaneous exchange and get-together.

Matrix Room Link: https://matrix.to/#/!KqmPSJPogszhaAWtUC:fairydust.space?via=fairydust.space&via=matrix.org&via=systemli.org Room will be closed after 37C3 again.

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